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Basic Information:

Title: Real-Time Handling and Planning System for Operational Decisions (RHAPSODy)
Program: SBIR
Technology Area: Information Systems, Sensors
Open Date: 12/12/2011
Close Date: 1/11/2012

The Proposed development is intended to provide a novel real-time/near-real-time (a few seconds), thin client collaboration and coordination capability and must integrate with the Distributed Common Ground System Army (DCGS-A) system. This capability is intended to support the EW common picture / Battle Management and would provide the commander with greater and more flexible options to employ the most effective battle management strategy. Presently, collaboration environments exist, but provide data exchange via one way control and presentation of data, e.g. common picture display. Some existing collaboration capabilities are based upon proprietary systems and cannot be readily integrated with other battlefield functional area components. Moreover, these systems may require extensive hardware and stable communications architectures in order to effectively collaborate. Ozone Widget Framework (OWF), Hyper Text Mark-Up Language 5 (HTML-5) and imPulse are the latest/next generation web technologies identified as viable thin client candidates. The SBIR is intended to leverage existing government science and technology investments such as the Ozone Widget Framework and imPulse (these products will be made available to the contractor as required). Utilizing one of the aforementioned web technologies (OWF, HTML-5, or imPulse), the contractor shall develop a novel thin client collaboration and coordination capability. The proposed solutions shall provide real time, bi-direction, simultaneous collaboration and be based on open standards for ease of integration. The proposed solutions shall not add any additional hardware to the intelligence and operational system thin client footprint.

Develop a real-time electronic warfare common picture capability. The capability will also provide a means of collaboration between Electronic Warfare (EW) operators and other Battle Command Functional Areas.
Phase I:

The Phase I effort shall compare and contrast OWF, imPulse, and HTML-5 based upon their stability/maturity; real-time, bi-directional and simultaneous collaboration capability and quantity of data which can be shared. A recommendation of the most suitable candidate technology and its ability to provide a real-time collaboration environment shall be presented to the government at the conclusion of phase I.
Phase II:

The Offeror shall develop a prototype collaboration capability based upon the proposed web technology identified in phase I. The Offeror shall demonstrate the real-time collaboration environment within a suitable operational environment. The Phase II system shall be delivered to the governments Tactical Cloud Integration Laboratory (TCIL) for integration, demonstration and evaluation with representative tactical networks, IRON Symphony Army Technology Objective system network, Battlefield Functional Areas and DCGS-A enterprise components.
Phase III:

Phase III will address the incorporation of capabilities and interface requirements derived from user evaluation of the system. Additionally, the system will be hardened for operational deployment and address/ mitigate identified security gaps. The system will transition to the IRON Symphony ATO for further DOD hardening and integration. Additionally, the system will transition to PM DCGS-A to support collaboration across Battlefield Functional Domains. The developed system will be employable for commercial use as applicable, such as water treatment plants, medical systems, and municipal agencies.

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2. D. Sparks, Five Technologies That Will Keep Shaping the Web in 2010, URL: -web-in-2010/

3. I. Hickson, HTML5 - World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) URL:

4. Federation of American Scientists, 329 The IRON Symphony ATO URL:

5. E. Braude, Software Design: From Programming to Architecture John Wiley & Sons, INC 2004

SBIR Keywords

EW, Collaboration, Real-time, HTML 5, collaboration, semantic web, data architecture
TechMatch Keyword(s):

Computer Systems
Information Technology
Electronic Warfare

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